SOME BY MI Aha.Bha.Pha 30Days Starter Limited Edition 4 Pcs Set (Toner 30ml+Serum 10ml+Cream 20g+Cleansing Bar 25g)

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[ Main Effect ]


  • Exfoliating
  • Pore and skin waste care
  • Inflammation
  • Moisturizing
  • Whitening / Wrinkle improvement


[ For skin soothing 4-STEP ]


  • STEP_01. Miracle cleansing bar_25g


# Impurities out!

- Wash face with warm water.

- Lather for 1 min with the foam.

- Wash off the face.

* Free of chemical additive, the soap can melt fast in the water. Split the soap into 4 pieces for a longer use.

* Use the soap net to create richer firmer foam and to use it to the last piece.


  • STEP_02. Miracle toner_30ml


# Dry flakes out!

- Soak cotton pad with Toner.

- Wipe off the skin and lightly tap for absorption.

* For thick dry flakes, place toner-soaked cotton pad on the area for 1~3 min before wiping off.


  • STEP_03. Miracle serum_10ml


# Calming down!

- Smoothen the skin surface with Toner.

- Apply droplets of Serum on both cheeks and forehead with pipette.

- Spread and let it absorb.

* Before use, squeeze out the remaining of pipette. Close the lid and shake.


  • STEP_04. Miracle cream_20g


# Skin Barrier Build Up!

- Gently apply and absorb cream on your skin using fingertips.